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Insurance Jargon Explained

Additional Premium – Due to a policy adjustment, you may have increased the risk than proposed at the inception of the policy. This has lead to a further premium payable by the insured

Adjuster – Someone who investigates claims on behalf of the insurer: claims or loss adjuster

All risks – Covering property owners policyholders against any loss or damage from any unexpected causes except those that are specifically excluded

Cancellation – An early termination of a policy. Some insurers have a notice period in which a policy may be cancelled

Declarations – This usually found at the beginning of your insurance policy wording. It’s a summary of the most importation information in regards to the policy taken out

Gross premium – This describes the value of gross written premiums before deduction of brokerage and discounts

Inception Date – The start date or effective date of when the policy starts

Underwriting – The process that concludes if the cover will be offered, including the policy provision and the price

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