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Historic Vehicle Insurance

Enthusiasts require special insurance for classic or historic vehicles and we have just the right range of products for you! We will work on your behalf to find you a high quality classic car insurance policy at a competitive price. We have excellent working relationships with a panel of leading UK insurers.

Whether you own a cherished car, military vehicle or even an electric milk float we can arrange a policy tailored to your specific needs on an ‘agreed value’ basis at a competitive price.

In 2011 we purchased the client base of CHP insurance and gained access to specialist Insurers who understand the needs of classic vehicle owners.

Why choose us for your Classic or Historic Car Insurance?

Our personal motor department can arrange bespoke cover for any type of vehicle. This includes: Austin Healey, MG, Lagonda, Morris, Jaguar, Willis Jeep, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, VW Caravanette, Land Rover or for anything else, just try us!

Do have any questions about Classic Car Insurance? Read our classic car insurance FAQs and see if we answer any of your questions.

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