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Clean Air Zones and the Motor Trade

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Clean Air Zones

Many major cities are now introducing Clean Air Zones (CAZ) following The Governments plans to address climate change. This could have implications for the motor trade as demand for different cars may change. CAZ will operate by implementing a charge, either per day or per journey, for any non-low emission vehicle. This aims to reduce emissions in highly polluted areas and encourage a transition to low emission vehicles. For those living and/or working in cities, a low emission or electric vehicle may soon be the only viable choice. Paying daily or per journey charges in addition to other vehicle costs will, over time, likely result in great expense.

This phasing out of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEVs) means a change in consumer demand for car dealers. Taking this into consideration, car dealers may now want to begin reviewing their stock and establishing a new strategy to stay ahead of the coming change in demand.


What does this mean?

For those who travel a lot, they may quickly need to switch to a low emission vehicle as Birmingham is now a CAZ and will be followed by cities such as Manchester and Bristol. Furthermore, London is now an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEM) with higher charges starting at £12.50 for any non-low emission vehicle. Additionally, Oxford will introduce a pilot Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) in August this year. This means no traditional ICEVs will be allowed to travel through the ZEZ without facing fines or penalties.

These factors coupled with the fact that many consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious means a change in industry demand. However, instead of concern, these changes present opportunities to car dealers as there will be a large number of consumers looking for low emission vehicles. Although the level of demand in rural areas may not yet be the same, it will likely soon follow. This potentially gives car dealers time to utilise this information to plan for the future.


Car Dealers

Car dealers could also increase the value of their service by becoming more knowledgeable about a range of low emission vehicles. For most consumers, they may have minimal knowledge regarding low emission vehicles. This could be becuase most people have only previously owned traditional ICEVs. Therefore, by offering potential customers a thorough understanding of the options available to them, they may feel reassured when making a choice. Consequently, this could earn you a good reputation and previous customers may be more likely to recommend you.

The motor industry is evolving and you can ensure your success by continuing to provide a modern and personal service. With car manufacturers releasing new low emission and electric vehicles, there is a wide variety of choice. This means more options for car dealers to present to customers. This coupled with many consumers now requiring a low emission vehicle, could mean an increase in business for the motor trade.

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