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5 ways you can support small businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all organisations however, many small independently owned businesses have struggled more than others. The long-lasting lockdown closures forced many small businesses to shut down entirely. Unfortunately, those who have made it through are not in the clear yet either. Many are now reliant on their local and loyal customers to help them survive. Small businesses contribute positively to local communities and provide alternative products and brands in customer centric, more sustainable ways. This makes it all the more important to support them, and maintain the diversity and variety independent organisations provide. As we are a local, community focused organisation, we think it’s important to help small businesses.


Here are 5 ways you can support small businesses:

  1. Shop local

This might seem obvious but it can be easy to bypass all of your local stores and just go to the supermarket or order online. However, many local businesses are now offering delivery services and may be able to provide you with more sustainable and higher quality goods. For example, consider going to a local store rather than ordering off Amazon. This will reduce your carbon footprint and support someone who will likely provide you with a product they genuinely care about. If you do need to order online, consider small independent online stores instead.


  1. Leave reviews

Reviews can be instrumental in the success of small businesses as many people look for reassurance before trying something new. With a variety of platforms such as Google, Tripadvisor and Facebook providing review systems, they have a wide reach and are used by many. Helping a local business get a good reputation may help to bring new customers to its doors. You can extend this to sharing their posts on social media and helping with their brand awareness.

  1. Gift cards

Buying gift cards as gifts for others may incentivise them to go somewhere they might not have though to before. This allows you to help out your local business with new custom and give a great gift. You could also buy gift cards to use at a later date so the business can utilise your money straight away.


  1. Recommend to a friend

People are likely to trust recommendations made by people they know well. So, if you have a good experience in a local store, recommend them to someone you think would enjoy their service too. This means you get to support a small business and introduce someone to a new place.


  1. Tip

If you can afford too, tips make a huge difference to independent businesses. They also show your appreciation for their service. Tips can also begin to help small businesses recuperate the money they lost whilst being closed.

If you have a small business and would like to discuss a new or existing insurance policy, please contact us or call 01782 498693

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