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Rawlins App

Have you downloaded the FREE Rawlins App yet?

Download the free Rawlins App for useful information and tools when you need to contact us, make a claim or require details of your insurance portfolio which you can easily input.

New Claims Notification & Photos

If unfortunately you are involved in a motor accident or suffer a property damage loss, the Rawlins App will allow you to complete the required information and add photos at the scene of the incident. This will then be sent directly to the Rawlins in house claims team who can contact you and quickly start the claims process.

You can include your own details, third party information, incident/crime refer number if applicable, brief details of the loss plus photos.

Just remember at the time of any accident under no circumstances admit liability even if it is quite clearly your fault

Features at a glance


Quickly access the Rawlins website to view products and services, news, meet the team, support and online ‘quote and buy’ options.


Share this helpful app with employees and other Rawlins customers via text, email or social media.


If the worst happens, this section will help you gather the required information on the spot, take photos and send directly to the Rawlins claim teams.

What to do

In conjunction with the above Claims option, this section gives you basic information on what to do (not do) plus email addresses for motor and general claims departments.

Quote & Buy

Obtain online quotations for certain classes of insurance with the option to incept cover immediately.


View contact information (direct dial telephone numbers and email addresses) for all Rawlins staff.

My Policies

Fill in information about your policies arranged through Rawlins including policy type and number, insurer, point of contact, renewal date and general notes.


Request a call back, DVLA vehicle check, askMID and other useful options.

How can I Download?

The Rawlins App is completely free to download for existing clients in either iTunes (Apple) or Google Play (Android).